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School Newsletter


Thanks to all the parents that were able to meet with your child's teacher(s) during our parent/teacher conferences at the end of January.  It was exciting to share with you all the progress that your child has made up to this point in the year!


In February we are studying a new unit called "Safe and Sound".  Young children learn about the world around them by starting with what they already know and then building upon their knowledge through expanded experiences in the larger world.  What greater knowledge do they possess than the knowledge within their own homes?  But as children grow they venture out into the world and often deal with new, unfamiliar situations.  With "Safe and Sound" children will become familiar with the many people and places that are part of most neighborhoods and how these people and places cooperate to help them and others in the community.


In Math we are continuing with our unit "Make a Shape, Build a Block".  The students will develop ideas about 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes - their characteristics and attributes and the relationships between them, as well as ways to describe and name them and to compose and decompose them. 


Our writing in kindergarten continues as our students focus on writing prompts.  We are learning to organize our thoughts, develop sentences, and write at least two sentences in response.  Upper case letters, spaces, and punctuation are just a few things we emphasize on our final drafts. 



firecrackerFirst Grade Firecrackers

February is Black History month.  Your child has already learned a great deal about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ruby Bridges, and Rosa Parks.  Each of these brave people were a part of creating the freedom that we have in our country today.  Your child will continue learning about great men and women who have fought for equality.


First grade will be celebrating Valentines Day/Friendship day February 14th. Please be sure to check your child’s folder for additional information about the  celebration. If you would like to volunteer to help out, please call your child’s teacher. We can always use extra hands.


Does your child know their academic goals? Encourage your child to attend Rise and Read every morning, Tuesday-Friday at 7:30. This will increase fluency and comprehension. Homework practice is a great way to discover the concepts your child is mastering and that are a challenge. Listening to you child read is another great way to help them reach their goals. If your child is struggling and you need ideas to use at home, your child’s teacher can be a great resource.


First Grade Achievement Goals:

  • First grade fluency goal: 60wpm by the end of the year.
  • Score of 85% or better on Galileo Math and Reading tests.

              Be at school everyday by 7:55 am

starsSecond Grade Stars

The second graders are busy learning many important skills in all subjects.  It is more important than ever to make sure your student gets to school on time and stay in school all day to benefit them.  Please make every effort to schedule appointments before school, after school, or the afternoons of half days. 


February S.M.A.C booklets came home the first of the month.  There is a parent survey attached to the front of the booklet. Please take a moment to complete the survey and send it back to school with your child.  Your feedback helps to make this a better program each year.  Also, if your student completes and returns the February booklet by Feb. 15th, he/she qualifies to receive a coupon for a free brownie at the annual district Arts Alive in March.


Please remember it is important to have your child read every night for 20 minutes.  Rise and Read is also available for extra practice in reading in the mornings at 7:30 a.m.


Thank you for your continued support in educating your child.  When parents and teachers work together, the students know we care about them and take their education seriously.



Second grade is off to a fantastic start!


The students have been busy learning new routines and procedures in their new

classrooms in order to have a successful year of learning.


We wanted to thank all the parents that took the time to come meet the teacher on

August 10th. We had a great time meeting our new students and their wonderful parents.


Please make sure you look inside your child’s backpack each night for important

Information and to see how your child is progressing in class.


The 2nd grade teachers are looking forward to a fabulous year of learning for all of our



Back to School Poem

Today I hurry off to school,

To work and learn and play.

I'm in a brand new grade this year,

What a happy day!!!!!

lightning boltThird Grade Lightening Bolts

Third Graders are busy, as always, and are especially enjoying some of our ELAS (English Language Art Standards) and Math lessons!


In ELAS, we have been researching Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We watched videos about Dr. King, as well as reading articles and books.  We took notes and used our notes to create research papers and projects.   Also, we have been studying different types of poetry, including haikus, cinquains, and free verse.  We tied it all together by studying a poem about Dr. King.


In Math, third graders are learning about multiplication.  We are using repeated addition, arrays, number lines, and many other strategies to help us understand how to multiply.  Also, we are starting our multiplication Rocket Math.  Students practice their multiplication facts and take a 1-minute timed test once a week.  If they meet their goal, they can move up a level on their Rocket!  Students can use the multiplication flashcards they received to help them memorize their math facts.


Please remember attendance is extremely important everyday.  It is also important to be on time.  Classes begin at 7:55 so it is important students arrive at school by 7:45 so they don’t miss any important learning.   AIMS Testing will be here soon, and every minute of learning counts!


paletteMusic and Art Notes






Character Counts!  At Carol G. Peck Elementary School, and to encourage good character, teachers nominate a student each month to receive the “Student of the Month” award.  Each student receives an Award Certificate, a “Panther” backpack, a new paw pencil, certificates to Peter Piper Pizza and Sonic Drive In.