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Registration Procedures

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Enrolling a New Student

“A pupil who enters a school shall present to the principal of the school a properly executed withdrawal form if such pupil previously attended another school in this state.” (ARS 15-827A)


Upon registration for enrollment of new students, the office must be provided with an up-to-date (current) list of immunizations, birth certificate, evidence of current grade level and evidence of residence in the Carol G. Peck school boundaries or a valid variance (see below).


A student will be assigned to a classroom by a principal or designee based on the number of students currently in the classroom, a student’s needs, and/or other factors that are deemed appropriate in making the best possible placement. All classroom placements are considered temporary and can be adjusted at any time depending on the needs of the student and the school.


Withdrawing a Student

To withdraw a student, a parent/guardian should notify the school office at least three (3) days in advance so that appropriate papers can be completed.  It will be necessary for the parent or guardian who registered the student to sign the withdrawal papers.  Your signature will allow us to send your child's records to the new school upon our receipt of the request to do so by the new school


It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pay for any lost or damaged school property prior to the withdrawal of a student.



The Alhambra School District will accommodate as many attendance variance requests as possible from inside and outside the District attendance area. Granting of variances is a site-based decision made by the principal. The decision to grant a variance is based on various factors, including enrollment for the grade level requested. The parent must provide transportation to and from school.