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Carol G. Peck Mission, Core Commitments, and Vision


We believe that all persons should treat each other with respect.


We believe that classrooms should be places where learning is valued, exciting and fun, where disruption that stops learning is not accepted.


We believe that all children can learn to do anything, given the appropriate tools for success.

We are committed:

  • To providing all students with a high quality, individualized education taught by a highly effective teacher using the AZ College and Career Ready Standards.
  • To work in collaborative instructional teams using data to drive instruction.
  • To provide a safe and orderly learning and working environment.
  • To partner with parents and our community to maximize student learning.

  • To create effective and engaging lessons to increase student attendance and  
      participation in learning.
Vision:  Carol G. Peck School will promote all students to fourth grade with the academic skills to ensure success and a vision to continue education.