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Dress Code

Dress Code



A uniform dress code has been approved by the Carol G. Peck School Community Council and parents to enhance the learning environment of all our students. Students are expected to dress in uniforms every day. Our community believes uniforms will promote a professional and a distraction-free learning environment.


The Carol G. Peck Dress Code, which is in accordance with the Alhambra District Policy JICA, includes the following:


Clothing must be in the designated uniform colors.


Pants, slacks, shorts, skirts, jumpers, or skorts:

  • Acceptable colors are navy blue or khaki



  • Acceptable colors are navy blue or white.
  • Shirts must have a collar (no t-shirts).
  • Carol G. Peck spirit shirts can be worn.
  • Shirts can be tucked in or worn outside.



  • Belts must be black, brown, navy, or white.
  • No initial buckles and smooth buckle surfaces only.
  • Belts are required if pants have belt loops.



  • Shoes must be laced to the top of the shoe and tied securely to the feet.
  • Athletic shoes are recommended. All footwear must have support around the heel or ankle.
  • Socks (white, navy or tan) must be worn with athletic shoes.


Cold Weather (October-March):

  • Sweatshirts and sweaters will be restricted to navy blue, tan/khaki, or white. Plain sweatshirts/sweaters only. Outer jackets will not be restricted to school colors.


Never Acceptable:

  • Hats, caps, bandannas
  • Flip flops, platform shoes, or skate shoes
  • No sagging pants or oversized pants
  • No oversized shirts
  • No mohawk hair styles or unnatural hair color
  • No tattoos


Clean, neat and appropriate grooming is expected at all times.