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Success for All


Success for All (S.F.A.) is a comprehensive reading approach designed to ensure that every child will read at grade level or above. The program, for grades Pre-K to 8, emphasizes prevention and early intervention to respond to and solve any child’s learning problems. S.F.A. is an approved model in accordance with the “No Child Left Behind” legislation.

The Success for All reading program is based on extensive research into the ways children learn to read and write. At the heart of the program is 90 minutes of uninterrupted, daily reading instruction. Beginning in kindergarten, children are grouped across classes and grades by reading level. Regrouping gives each teacher the opportunity to work intensively with students one reading level at a time. Cooperative learning embedded throughout the program focuses on individual student accountability, common goals, and recognition of group success. Providing the opportunity to work with peers enables students to master basic reading skills as they continue to grow as thoughtful learners.

kangarooKinder Corner is a research-based and research-proven full-day kindergarten program that provides children with experiences that prepare them for success in primary grades. KinderCorner fosters the development of children’s language, literacy, math, interpersonal and self-help skills, science, and social studies concepts. The focus on strong oral language skills, a love of reading, phonemic awareness, phonics, and listening comprehension creates a solid foundation for reading.


crocodileReading Roots is a ninety-minute, interactive comprehensive program that targets the needs of beginning readers. Reading Roots is a research-based beginning-reading program (1st grade skills) that provides a strong base for successful reading through systematic phonics instruction supported by decodable stories, along with instruction in fluency and comprehension. Reading Roots also fosters students’ love of reading by providing rich literature experiences, extensive oral-language development, and thematically focused writing instruction. These objectives are embedded in a fast-paced, engaging, and highly effective instructional process. Students are assessed and regrouped according to their reading level every quarter to ensure that they receive the most focused instruction.  Our school wide first grade goal is for all students to master all four levels of Reading Roots , thus prepared to move into the Level 2.1 (or higher) of Reading Wings instruction by the end of 1st grade.

birdReading Wings is a 90-minute daily interactive comprehensive program that targets the needs of students to ensure their consistent growth as proficient readers. Reading Wings is based on scientific principles and proven, through control-group research, to improve students’ reading comprehension. Students are assessed and regrouped according to their reading level every quarter to ensure they are receiving the most focused instruction possible. Students who have successfully learned to decode need more sophisticated reading skills to become proficient readers. These skills include vocabulary development, reading comprehension, fluency, oral language development, and written expression. Students also need ample opportunities to read both narrative and expository text. Reading Wings teaches students comprehension strategies, such as summarization, clarification, graphic organizers, story structure, and prediction, so that students can become confident, strategic readers.